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The Transcend is of horror and love story genre. This movie begins with a young novel writer who faces obstacles in his writing career when he published his first spiritual and supernatural genre novel. As he was constantly being criticized, his manager has no choice but to take drastic action in order to fix the situation by challenging him to go further into the unknown realm so he can compose a more believable novel of the said genre. His manager suggested him to use all kinds of traditional customaries to open his ‘third’ eye in order to see spirits and ghosts, to have a real experience for more inspirations. As he dwells further to open his ‘third’ eye, he begins to experience changes in his life. Unexplainable events begin to transpire and strange happenings somehow became more apparent. In between the events, he found another disturbing fact about a girl he met where a secret that is too grueling to grasp is about to be revealed. In Malaysia, this movie was released in January 2014 and will be released end of year 2014 in Singapore and Taiwan.

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