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This movie is about a group of young Malaysians with dreams and aspirations in love and music only to be blown off by the realism of our conservative environment where many locals do not support their own local talents, music and movie. This movie had been screened in Kuala Lumpur’s Golden Screen International Cinemas of Mid Valley, One Utama and Pavilion and also in Sarawak’s Star Cineplex, Kuching together with a movie concert in Genting Highlands Resort to gained more support and excitement. DVDs and Soundtracks is retail out in all Speedy outlets. With popular radio station, One FM as our official radio station to broadcast this movie, we had worked closely with reputable television stations, press, media, newspapers, magazines and all related units to further gain public recognition and exposures. A series of attention grabbing publicities had been made to highlight this movie, namely 2 big billboards, 20 bus stop posters spots, movie posters, promotional fliers, digital posters, and many more. Interesting contests such as Watch and Win with many wonderful prizes had also been made to be given out.

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