Signs & Symptoms

We may all experienced some of these symptoms from time to time. It is not necessarily mean that you are combating depression. Moreover, different individual have different experiences. You may be depressed if, for more than two weeks you are experiencing several of the signs and symptoms below:

• Self withdrawal towards families and close friends
• Unable to get out of bed or house
• Unable to concentrate and perform at work or school
• Unable to do the usually enjoyable activities
• No confidant and guilty
• Indecisive and frustrated
• Disappointed and unhappy
• Feeling sad and miserable
• Feeling worthless and pointless to live on
• Feeling overwhelmed and easily irritated
• Feeling like a failure and constantly self blaming
• Feeling tired and fatique all the time
• Headache and muscle pain
• Insomnia
• Loss or change in appetite
• Significant weight loss or weight gain
• Suicide thoughts