Just Work Entertainment Sdn Bhd is an independent production house with an extraordinary team of more than thirty years experiences in the entertainment industry. Our specialization ranges from events management, productions, scripts creation, commercials, multimedia, consultancies, talents managements, and so our enlivening list goes on. We have with us, supreme production services in Malaysia. Our vast experiences offer you a complete circle of production support, a team of brilliant workforce all well equipped with the best top equipments available. We are dedicated in this industry with our strong competencies gained, domestically and internationally. We endeavor to apply our professional attention to all scope of works without compromising on the quality of all our prestigious projects. We pledge to you our professionalism with quality deliverance. Come to us and allow us to amuse your palate.

“Our dynamic and dedicated team ensure efficiencies and effectiveness in all our projects with deliverance on animmaculate time. Persistence to all projects guarantees a match in the most desired end result.” (Joseph Thong, Director)

“Our ingenious and creative production crew members are well geared to ensure timely execution in costs and quality with promptness and preciseness. Our vast experience in developing and implementing executions brings only professionalism in all projects.” (James Wong, Managing Director)

“Our well structured team of secretaries oversees all administration tasks, from finance to human resource to make sure all projects runs without hiccups.” (Joanne Woon, Commercial Director)